"Now tell me, who's your daddy?"

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"I'm the one who brings the Christmas candy. Now tell me, who's your daddy?"

Mycah is a 19 year old female who was born and raised in North Carolina USA, which is currently her homeland. Mycah is a self proclaimed 'gore whore'. Mycah is refering to herself in the third person :P Seriously, I'm a dorky girl who just enjoys my time and my hobbies. I'm a major celeb / movie / tv / fashion whore. I'm currently living with my family and our dogs and I'm out of school and my only jobs are what she chooses to do. (Pretty fabulous, eh?) I like photography, webdesign & fashion design and could easily see myself doing any and all as a career. Another passion is for film editing. I don't wanna be the person who edits a movie I wanna be the person who edit the trailers since I have a major obsession with movie trailers or if you were born back in my mama's days, the previews. (Seriously trailers are a work of art - take 300, Grindhouse or Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003)

I love our dogs, but I have my own baby and that is Otis. If you know me you know where that name came from, if you don't (which might be why you are reading alot of boring information) is because I'm obsessed with Anything The Devil's Rejects. Bill Moseley is kickass and I loved his character of Otis, thus that name. I have alot of favorites from actors, to tv shows, to movies, to fansites and trust me I love them all equaly. I'm a major fangirl. I really love other countries and cities and I would love to travel, although sadly I have only been to places within distance. My top spots for travel would be San Diego (Comic Con, hello!), Paris, Tuscany, New York, London, and I could just go on forever. I'm rather bored talking about myself so I'll stop now. ;)

This journal is mostly to provide artworks, keep up with other LJ friends and meme craziness. For other blogging refer to ChickHabit.org.

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